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Race:  Orc
Coach:  Myki
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Uniform: Red and Black
Home League: Tilean Serie A
Adopted League: MBBL
Head Coach: Myki

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Dec. 3rd, 2013 - old news
End of season wrap
Allo I am Arsènè Wagner and this is Tileas' número uno sports show: Pray To Nuffle.
Tonight's show takes a look at the final two fixtures of the Numas Hotspores.

Round 6 saw the Spores travel to the fetid sewers of the Ghastly Ones, however a warp storm materialised scattering players of both teams to different locales in Melbournia once the storm cleared match officials called it a tie.

Many pundits believed Numas could make the safety zone with a win over the Skaven, this coming of the back of their dismantling of the Northen Skyes.

Round 7 and the Brunswick Thunders travelled to Dark Hart Lane to face the Spores.
A hat trick of TDs to Kurtis Mangle and a single TD to Borkus Gronstone saw the Spores run out 4-0 winners.
Booker P, Borkus Gronstone and Big Sexy got a few badly hurts on the dwarves, while both Sproggy Stainer and Brutus Fungus killed 4 dwarves between them. The list of dead were mercenary Grimm Ironjaw, his Ironjaw ripped from his skull by Brutus. Buddy Wieser had his throat ripped out by Sproggy. Pale Ale got horribly tackled by Sproggy but the Thunders apothecary patched him up. Brutus saved his best tackle for the dying moments of the game when Miller Lightning got his moment to shine a solo run to his end zone and BOOOOOOM HEADSHOT! Brutus jumped from the back if the troll with a diving elbow which showered the crowd with brain matter and skull fragments that the wandering apoth couldn't get him patched up. Sproggy Stainer was named man of the match for the Spores.

This match was the biggest win in Spores history following the 3-1 win over the Norse this 4-0 win tops it, coach Myki was ecstatic with how his lads played outclassing and out casualty-ing the smaller stout fellows 7(4)-0.

The Numas Hotspores had final standing of 2wins 2draws 3loses finishing 6th out of 8 in division 2.

Arsènè: Myki your team had a stellar season what are your thoughts?
Myki: the first 3 rounds were hard pills to swallow but we rebounded in the last 4 rounds, I had set goals for my players and they met them with efficiency.

Arsènè: What goals were those?
Myki. I wanted my players to hit hard and be angry, and to score in every game. We had a TD for and against difference of 0 as we had 11 for and 11 against and 28 Cas for and 8 against.

Arsènè: wie the team has been ferocious. Can you tell me who your team MVP of the year is?
Myki: Well our award ceremony hasn't happened yet but the standouts have been Borkus Gronstone, Brutus Fungus and Kurtis Mangle. However the Black Orcs have done a great job on the line so we can't count them out same goes for the rest of the team. Look Arsènè I've got to go, it's been pleasant chatting to you.

Arsènè: before you go are you leaving the Spores for another Tilean based team?
Myki: huh? Where'd you get that from? My orcs are progressing nicely I think they still have a season left in them and I'm hoping they can climb back to Div 2 in the next few seasons.

I've been Arsènè Wagner and this is PTN! Nuffle be with you
- Myki
Oct. 26th, 2013 - old news
Mid Season Wrap
Allo sports fans it is I The voyeur Arsènè Wanger and this is the must watch Tilean sports program PTN(Pray To Nuffle).

Round 1 saw the Hotspores take on Kharron's Chargers. The Orcs were out played and out classed as the pointy eared Druchii ran in 4 early unanswered TD's. The second half saw Borkus Gronstone gain a precious score to make the game 4-1. Numas MVP for round 1 was Brutus Fungus.

Round 2 saw the Geelong Rotters travel to Darkhart Lane to take on the Spores.
The game was a hoot as Rotters player Caleb Ola scored the first TD ending the half. The 2nd half started much like the 1st but it was all Greenskins with Kurtis Mangle scoring the equaliser with only minutes remaining.
The hearts of Numas fans worldwide were smashed as Caleb Ola found a way through the Spores defence and scored the winner. The end score 2-1 to the Geelong Rotters. MVP for the Spores was the round 1 MVP Brutus Fungus.

Round 3 and the Spores faced another Druchii team in the Cruel Sea Kraken. Needless to say it was a mirror match of Round 1 except the shoreline was 3-1. Borkus Gronstone got the single TD for the Spores. Round 3 Numas MVP was Borkus Gronstone.

Round 4 and the Graveyard Raiders played host to the Hotspores.
Gravel Cruncher burst through the Spores line and scored the opening score, the next half saw Rocky Bashley throw a bullet of a pass gather the hand off to tie the game. End result 1-1. Round 4 MVP for Numas was the leagues LVP Rock Storm.

Round 5 saw the Northern Skyes travel to the Darkhart Lane. A raucous crowd of 32,000 rabid fans came to see this match the first between these 2 coaches. The Norse elected to receive and they started well with Borkus Gronstone crowd surfed and Sproggy Stainer KO'd, L'Ci the Lucky ran through the gap and scored the opening TD. The 2nd half saw the Orcs unleash their WAAAAAGH! Borkus Gronstone ran home the equaliser followed by Main Guy the goblin getting thrown downfield and getting Numas' 2nd TD and finally Booker P put the icing on the cake with a 3rd TD. The end result was 3-1 the casualties ended 7(2)-1(1) and round 5 MVP for Numas was Booker P.

This has been Arsènè Wanger for PTN and TSC programming signing off for now so long and triple pow! I'll be watching.
- Myki
July 28th, 2013 - old news
Is this the swansong of the Hotspores?
Rumblings within the Numas camp suggest that this may be their final season in the MBBL, according to sources close to club officials back in Tilea there has been a rift between the head Orcs who own the team and coach Myki.

Another source close to Myki says the rift was over contract talks stalling to keep him on for another season but the high wage demands of the coach was impossible to meet.

Coach Myki was unavailable for questioning.

Only time will tell if any of these rumors hold true, for CBC Sports, I'm ArseNe Wänker saying goodbye for now. We leave you with a small interview with Numas star thrower Rocky Bashley.

AW: Rocky, you have amassed team record 31 completions, what made you choose to be a thrower?
RB: I'vs waz spored fir it, everz zince I waz ablez tu holdz da ball I knew I culd hit uva sporlings frum 50 yards wif rockz. Aftur dat da big bosses took me tu footy trainingz. Der I seenz da way of da chucka andz havs been good at it.

AW: Ah ok, next one: what truth is there in the rumors that state a rift between the Head Bosses and coach Myki, and the rumors that this may be your final season here in the MBBL?
RB: Da rumor of da coach and head nobz iz der buiznezz, I juzz chuck da ball; Az fur da team leaving, yuz juzz hav ta wait til after the final game. Dis speaky sezzion iz ova. GO SPORES!!

AW: I have more questions mister Bashley about tanking allegations in the Serie A.
RB: Zorry I'vs gotz ta go, arrivederci.
- Myki
July 5th, 2012 - old news
The Orclook so far...
Round 3 of the MBBL saw the Orcs of Wing Chun Bin Fa travel to the Darkhart Lane to face the Hotspores, however a rampant bout of Squig flu had taken hold over the Spores. Wing Chun Bin Fa took the win 1-0.

Round 4 Numas traveled to the warm arid jungle ground of the Hexoatl Missionaries. This game had fireworks as Hotspores captain Biff Shatterjaws was killed and the game was yet to start.
The Missionaries ran out 4-0 winners but the Orcs inflicted 3 casualties to the Missionaries 2 both teams had 1 kill a piece.

Going into the Cross Divisional round The Numas Hotspores were shaking a little as they were now on back to back loss's, but then the Little Casear's Centurians strolled out onto the pitch and it was on. It came down to the final 2 turns before the Dwarves broke the hearts of the Numas fans as they ran out 1-0 winners. The casualties favored the Orcs 3-0.

Next for the Orcs of Numas were the High Elves of Renault Gitane in round 5. This game was very one sided as the elves ran rings around the Orcs scoring 3 Tds' in quick succession before Rocky Bashley gathered the ball handed it off to the goblin Main Guy who pleaded with Beer Money Inc. to hurl him down field, after the Troll had scratched his butt he picked up the gobbo then sniffed him and licked him then hurled him down field... Main Guy bounced once, twice, three times then hopped up, he dodged one elf, two elves, a third then a fourth and then he stumbled over the line and the score went into the half 3-1. the second half saw the elves finish the rout 6-1, casualties went to the Orcs 4-0 with one of those being a kill.

Round 6 the Orcs of The Stomp travelled to the home ground of the Numas Hotspores: The Darkhart Lane.
The game started of fast with the Numas Hotspores scoring first through Borkus Gronstone, it was a lead the Hotspores would hold until the final moments when Waugnar of The Stomp fended off a blitz from Sproggy Stainer and strolled in for the equalizer. Earlier in the match Beer Money inflicted the only casualty of the match as he smashed The Stomps' troll Gnarl into the turf. The match ended 1-1 with the casualties going to the Hostspores 1-0.
- Myki
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