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Banded Lizards


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Result added August 24th, 2017

Match notes
Inducements chosen by Astrosimian:
Mercenary troll with claw (guard would have been better)
Skittering Stab-Stab (stab didn't do much, extra movement and prehensile tail were hus main assets.)

Cards for Astrosimian:
Gauntlets of Gruk da Bear (for one drive a player is +1 ST, -1 ST afterwards)
Suicide Blitz (at kickoff, one player can make a blitz action)

Cards for Fragile:
Zug's Jersey (armour rolls against one player cannot be modified)
Hightower' Lucky Sock (ignores first injury roll against one player)

Really fun game with a few BS moments by the underworld. Denied the lizards a score in first half, with constant blitzes into the cage. I scored in turn 13 of second half. Lizards looked to equalise in turn 15 but a 2d uphill Blitz by a gobbo produced double POWs, knocked the ball into the crowd, who threw it next to my blitzer. He scooped it up and tossed the ball downfield, away from the 'zards.

Quite bloodless, which I was thankful for; I have enough players to rehire.

Good luck in rest of season, Fragile. Thanks for fun game.

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