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Prancing Ponies

gate: 28 000
4 TD score 1
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Bang Bang Bart
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Slash dead
Badly Hurt'ers
fans / random event
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profile Cryptos Phrontistes dead
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Bang Bang Bart
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Result added September 16th, 2017

Match notes
Inducements purchased by Astrosimian:
Mercenary Blitzer w/ tackle (tackle didn't get used much)
Nobbla Blackwart (Brrrrrrrrr! Runnnannnannnaaaaa!)
Goblin Fixer (gained RRs, helped argue calls)
Extra Dirty Trick card: Foulest of Fouls (one foul cracks armour automatically)

Cards drawn by Astrosimian:
Rune of Unwilling Flight (opposing player gets launched into the air)
Tripping Hazard (one opposing player gets placed prone)

Cards drawn by Liam:
Suicide Blitz (one player can make a blitz action on kickoff)
Go the Extra Mile (one player can make unlimited, but riskier, GFIs)

I received first half, elfs kept popping the ball free and being annoying but couldn't capitalise on anything as lucky bounces kept the ball safely around my players and I could recover. My fouls and chainsaw saw three elfs off the pitch. I almost scored on turn eight but my blitzer decided to pretend he was a naked mole rat and imbedded himself into the ground during a GFI to score.

Second half was complete and utter elf BS: I forced Liam to score quick on turn 2 then next turn, he got a blitz, scored again on his turn 3. My next drive I fumbled the ball, he scooped it up and scored: 3-0 by turn 5 in second half. I almost scored very late but, surprise! he popped the ball free and a lucky crowd throw in enabled him to score once again.

I managed a last turn TD by throwing a goblin to salvage (very little) pride. 4-1 to the Easy Mode Bastards.

Very fun game, regardless. The goblin fixer is a great inducement; 33% chance of successfully arguing the call to keep Nobbla in and helped gain extra rerolls.

Aside from fun time getting schooled, I skilled a gobbo and Cryptos Phrontistes gained a ST boost!

Got elf'd but had a great time! Thanks for the fun game, Liam!

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