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profile Skeer Ampisilin dead
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profile Cryptos Phrontistes dead
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Result added November 15th, 2017

Match notes
Cards Drawn by Astrosimian:
Perfect Throw (No modifiers for range on one pass)
Spectacular Catch (One player gains Catch & Diving Catch skills for 1 turn)

Cards Drawn by Goblin:
Friendly Fans (Crowd surfs against the Necro do not result in CAS)
Quick Flick (Once per game may make a quick pass then a second, normal, pass)

Inducements for Goblin:
Extra Training
2 Bloodweiser Babes

Underworld won toss, elected to kick.

Turn 1-3 Necromantic set up to push down their left. Flesh Golem catches a short kick near LOS, the team cages around him then he hands off to the werewolf on the sidelines. Aside from one goblin hurt, the walking dead are unable to crack the surprisingly resilient AV7.

Underworld players mark the supporting necros then a two headed goblin dodges in, blitzes and surfs the dog (needing a RR to achieve it). Friendly Fans of the necro refuse to injure him as the crowd throws the ball mid-field necro side. Skaven scramble to cover the ball.

Turn 4-5 There is a short scrum near the ball and a zombie and the wight are sent to the dugout to look at yellow undead tweety birds. Cryptos recovers the ball and moves away with a lino rushing downfield to be a receiver whilst the majority of my team screens the play. Burnycutcut injures a zombie while my troll ties up 4 necromantic players.

Turn 6-8 Cryptos passes to the waiting Skeer but while the toss is accurate, the linerat misses the catch, sending it out of bounds. The crowd lobs the ball back straight down to midfield. Necromantic and Underworld players rush the ball, and, in the last seconds of the half, Cryptos moves back, scoops up the ball in a tackle zone, dodges & GFIs then does a Perfect Throw to receiver Skeer Ampisillin who makes a Spectacular Catch. 1-0 to the mutants.

Turn 9-10 Skaven receive, knock out more zombies then make a quick push up the right with Skeer getting into scoring position, the rest of the team covering the corpses. I farm SPP with a pass in the backfield.

Turn 11-12 The Necro pressure the defensive line, a flesh golem is dropped to the ground but close enough to the passing lane that, if I fail, he could be a problem. I rush in a few goblins and apply a little sweet boot-scootiní boogie action which results in a kill! #Sorrynotsorry.

My linerat then runs in his second TD off a short pass. 2-0 Underworld.

Turn 13-16 A ghoul takes the ball downfield on my right, I mark him, block his lane forward while my troll and goblins tie up the rest of his team. The ghoul does a Quick Flick to the other ghoul who attempts to throw to a wight on the far side.

My troll, Brokentooth, turned his head at a crucial moment and winds up intercepting the ball with his open mouth!

A blitzer blitzes the troll free and Brokentooth ambles downfield for the third TD under protection from the rest of the team. (A last minute -2d blitz by the werewolf was attempted but sadly, resulted in the dog being knocked on his butt.)

After much deliberation, arguing and bribery, the referee decides the TD stands as it crossed the line, albeit in a trollís stomach. 3-0 win for the Hallucinogenetics.

Not overwhelmingly spectacular play from me , just a willingness to try foolhardy, BS plays combined with a bit of bad luck on Goblinís behalf. Thanks for the fun game Goblin. Good luck next match and next season!

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