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gate: 25 000
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Ostland Bulls


profile Cryptos Phrontistes dead
profile Cryptos Phrontistes dead
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Badly Hurt'ers

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profile Jimson 'Weedy' Mesca
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Louis Lichtenberger Bounty (30000 gp)
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profile Jimson 'Weedy' Mesca
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Louis Lichtenberger Bounty (30000 gp)
Result added November 24th, 2017

Match notes
Outland Bulls v Hallucinogenetics

Cards drawn by Squirrel:
Spot the Sneak (can bring on an extra player, never had spare when needed)
Slippery Shoes (opposing players GFIs fail on 1-3, forgot to be used)

Cards drawn by Astrosimian:
Hometown Fans (can choose direction of throw-ins, ball never went into crowd)
Pre-Game Espionage (one player gains Pass Block and Shadowing, forgotten as well)

Inducements for Astrosimian:
Nobbla Blackwart

Bulls won toss, elected to receive.

Turn 1-4 The Underworld set up with flanks open so I could react to which way the humans went. They set up with a catcher and blitzers on either wing looking to spread the defence. Ball landed on my left, about two thirds back. A rookie catcher moved to cover the ball.

After his linemen finished pushing around my linerats, Squirrel’s ogre decided to go after the troll and promptly rolled double skulls, but no injury.

The Hallucinogenetics tied up the humans on the right, then blitzed the left flank, knocking out a lineman and making room for Cryptos and 2 goblins to move next to the ball, rest of the team moved to impede human progress. Brokentooth, the troll, decided to reminisce about the TD he made last match instead of blocking his opponent. (a trend he would continue with for a good portion of the match)

Bulls’ players moved back to cover the ball as best they could but couldn’t prevent Cryptos scooping it up. Friendly players moved in to assist the Überrat. He blitzed himself free, seriously injuring a human thrower and scoring. 1-0

Turn 5-8 The ball was kicked short, just behind the Bulls’ LOS, the second human thrower picked up the ball, a couple players moved to cover then the Bulls ogre became boneheaded and a human lineman rolled - then rerolled - skulls.

My wrestle linerats, with help, were able to open enough space on the LOS to allow Burnycutcut to mark the ball carrier and Syntazz to blitz him. The thrower dropped to the pitch, dead, but immediate medical attention meant he would be back.

Again, I covered humans and screened Cryptos so he could move in and recover the ball, scampering away for his second defensive TD. 2-0

Turn 9-12 An out of bounds touchback got the ball into Cryptos’s hands and I moved up on my right. Star Player Nobbla Blackwart KO’d a lineman with his chainsaw and the rest of the LOS was stunned. Burnycutcut blitzes downfield to act as a scoring threat while the rest of the team covered the ball carrier from attack.

The Bulls moved to pressure the ball whilst their ogre blitzed Nobbla, stunning him.

The rats inch forward but, seeming safe (due to presence of a guarding troll), Cryptos stays in contact with his opponent. The humans were able to blitz a hole, rushed in guards and a one die block saw Cryptos knocked out and the ball scatters free.

A mad scramble for the ball ensued. Nobbla ‘sawed a catcher into the injury tent, then Burnycutcut hurt a lineman. Finally my other thrower moved in and picked up the ball screened by the rest of the team.

Turn 13-16 From this point, the game seemed like a Benny Hill rerun:

Troll goes stupid. The rats move the ball downfield, but dropped the handoff to score.

The humans recovered, but fumbled the pass which would have sent it the other way.

Troll stays stupid as the Hallucinogenetics try to recover the ball. A goblin that could have gotten it fails his dodge and injures himself.

Humans attempt a second try to move the ball. Pass is good but the receiver misses the catch.

I blitz the open human receiver, knock him back, away from the ball and out of scoring range. Stupid troll gets first place in a Being Stupid contest. Rats finally get the ball, rush downfield towards a ready to score linerat but fumble the pass AGAIN!

Humans try a few last turn blocks but nothing of any consequence happens. Final score 2-0 Underworld.

Thanks for the fun game Squirrel. Sorry your block dice in the first half loved the skulls. Good luck next season!

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