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Banded Lizards


profile Kyrote Plassmid
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Tuatara Del Ray
The Go!anna Team
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Aliz in Chains

profile Syntazz Genesplice dead
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profile Burnycutcut
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The Jesus Lizard
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Result added May 4th, 2018

Match notes
Cards Drawn by Fragile:
Dirty Block (one adjacent opponent is stunned)
Hidden Blad (one player gains Stab and Dirty Player skills)

Cards Drawn by Astrosimian:
Up Like a Shot (prone player is placed upright, doesn’t count as an action)
In the Zone (player ignores any penalties for opposing tackle zones)

Inducements bought by Fragile:

Inducements for Astrosimian:
Mercenary thrower with tackle
Mercenary troll
Nobbla Blackwart

Started with a blizzard.

Hallucinogenetics won the coin toss, elected to receive.

Turn 1-2: After a bad kick I gave the ball to my linerat, Kyrote Plassmid. I guarded the ball carrier, then merc troll and blitzers knock down the lizard LOS. Nobbla Blackwart runs up and KOs a saurus from a chainsaw foul. A quick payment to the referee retirement fund keeps the secret weapon on the pitch.

Banded Lizards spread out their defense, mark players then send Nobbla to the injury tent with a blitz.

Turn 3-5: We spend the next few turns, going back and forth, switching sides, looking for an opening. But we slowly make ground into the lizardman half.

Syntazz Genesplice’s claw carves through saurii scales, sending two more to the KO bin. A few fouls are attempted but they result in stuns and ref isn’t putting up with any non-bribery related shenanigans. 2 of my goblins are sent off.

Turns 6-8: Lizards bash game starts being felt: the troll is KO’d and 2 goblins are sent off, hurt but we finally get downfield in scoring position on our left. The ball carrier is marked with a sidestepping skink. We move players to plug the gaps then Syntazz blitzes the annoying bugger, inflicting a niggling injury whilst freeing Kyrote to score.

The KO’d saurus all recover (ugh) then they line up to bash some goblins on the LOS but don’t do much. (haha!)

1-0 Hallucinogenetics

Turn 9-10: Banded punch through on my left, block access to the ball carrier and then score next turn in hopes that they can steal the ball and win.


Turn 10.5-11: I shouldn’t have done the haha! The blizzard lessens making GFIs not as likely so when the the ball is kicked deep my backup thrower, ‘Skinner’ Slice-slice, feeling unprotected (except for a lone goblin helper) and frightened, decides to push his luck a little to get closer to support.

He promptly trips and spills the ball.

Skinks rush forward as the saurii hold back Underworld reinforcements. The ball is scooped up and the lizards are leading the game.

2-1 for the walking handbags.

Turns 12-13: I start to push up the right side while holding the Jurassic Park rejects on the LOS. Until the troll decides to fail his block, leaving a subsequent gap that the lizards exploit, blitzing ‘Skinner’ and knocking the ball free.

I recover the ball with my linerat, Kyrote, move up and cage best I can closer to the end zone on the right sideline with a “wall” of rats between the lizards in the centre. While two goblins bravely sacrifice themselves holding back 2 saurus behind me.

Turns 14-15: The saurus in the middle Blitz through and mark my ball carrier while a skink and another saurus GFI to mark him from the front.

Goblins dodge in to provide assists, whilst skaven move in to deny opposing assists. Kyrote blitzes himself free and moves off to the left and as close to the end zone as he can get.

Turn 16: The Banded Lizards are able to mark then blitz kyrote, the ball is free (in two tackle zones) but he is unhurt. He focuses himself, gets In The Zone which allows him to ignore opposing tackle zones for all rolls. After standing up he needs two, 3+ rolls to dodge and then pick up the ball and a GFI to score. The dodge is good but the pick up roll fails.

The turn 10.5 GFI came back to bite me in the ass again.

2-1 to Godzilla’s midgets.

Probably should have given the merc troll a skill (possibly guard) as the thrower didn’t use his tackle at all.

Could have used Nobbla better, given him a safer position to foul from so he didn’t get blitzed off the pitch after his first use.

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