Match result

Team badge
Deadhand Raiders

gate: 21 000
2 TD score 1
cas score
Team badge
Konoha Foxes


profile Doug Hartin
profile Dywell Willrams
TD Scorers
Kakashi Hatake
Foulers (no cas)

fans / random event
foul by profile Soul Farmer
Badly Hurt'ers
Madara Uchiha

profile Maxx Crossby
Serious Injurers

profile Maxx Crossby
profile Badknee Bloodsun
Sasuke Uchiha
Completions By
Black Zetsu
Interceptions By

profile Antoenail Brown
MVP awards to
Itachi Uchiha
  Sustained Injuries  
Miss Next Game
Chōji Akimichi

victim regenerated
Choji Akimichi dead
victim healed by apoth
Result added August 31st, 2019

Match notes
Round 3 of Bronze Division opened with an early match between the Deadhand Raiders and the Konoha Foxes.

The Raiders won the toss and chose to receive in front of 21,000 fans braving the freezing conditions as a blizzard set in.

The Raiders started their drive by recovering the ball and moving it into a secure position center pitch. The Foxes positioned well to slow the Raiders forward movement creating a shot at the ball carrier. But with the Foxes unable to make the sack, the Raiders were able to run to the out side and score the opening TD despite the frost wreaking havoc.

The Foxes were undeterred and set up an aggressive formation with the intent scoring a quick equaliser before half time. The kick flew deep and the Foxes looked out of position. Vampire - Sasuke Uchiha ran directly at Zombie - Badknee Bloodsun but in a stunning defensive effort, Bloodsun held his ground and killed the attacking Vamp (medical staff acted quickly bringing him back to 'life'). Inspired, the Raiders rushed the offence. But the Foxes held their nerve with a neat pass and run play putting the ball into the hands of Vampire - Kakashi Hatake who saw off two Raider defenders, dodging through to score before the half time siren. The scores all locked up at the half 1-1.

To start the second half the Raiders run a Blitz play and are able to catch the kick off. They didnt control it long though as the game entered a scrap in which the ball changed hands 4 times. The teams traded blows which saw the Raiders captain Mummy - Crush Marrow badly hurt along with a number of the thralls. The ball eventually spilled out to Ghoul - Dywell Willrams who was able to dodge clear of the the congestion and, supported by team mates providing the blocks, stall out a late TD to put the Raiders up. The Foxes were unable to get the equaliser and the Raiders ran out 2-1 winners in a hard fought match.

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