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Deadhand Raiders

gate: 21 000
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Mad Hatters


profile Antoenail Brown
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profile Crush Marrow

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profile Antoenail Brown
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Ayam dead
Result added October 4th, 2019

Match notes
The fourth round clash between the Deadhand Raiders and the Mad Hatters was always going to be a good 'ol fashioned arm wrestle. The two sides very evenly matched with similar brands of play, the punters were well and truly divided.

Another large crowd filled the stadium largely in support the top of the table Raiders who elected to recieve the first kick off in very sunny conditions.

The Raiders started the game well with a solid offensive running play. Ghoul - Antoenail Brown gathered the kick and was able to use his speed to get to the outside. Luck was with the Raiders early as Hatter's Bull Centaur - Picadoro stumbled after shooting a small gap which left Antoenail Brown open to a sack. The Raiders able to run in a relatively easy TD half way through the opening half.

The Hatter's were gifted a touchback to commence their offensive drive and seemed to spur them on as the blockers up front plowed through the Raiders defensive line leaving two of the three lying stunned on the pitch. The Raiders defence held strong though and the Hatter's were unable to break the line before half time.

1-0 to the Raiders at the main break with both sides only able to field 10 players for the second half. Mummy - Maxx Crossby and Ghould - Doug Hartin for the Raiders and Bull Centaur - Banderillero for the Hatters all unable to recover from first half knock outs.

A deep high kick is caught by Hobgoblin - Bet as the Hatters rushed a centralised Raiders defence to start their drive. With both sides down key players the game descended into a scrap as they scrambled for position. With the Hatters pushing for foward progress, Zombie - Badknee Bloodsun was able to capitise on an opportunity to sack the ball carrier, which in turn was able to be recovered by Antoenail Brown. As the ghoul broke free of the conjestion and pushed for more ground he tripped himself up and spilled the ball and once again the game was back to a scrap.

The Hatters had definately got the better of the scrap having knocked out another two ghouls leaving the Raiders with just 8 plyers to defend their lead. Raiders captain, Mummy - Crush Marrow did his bit to spur on the team by delivering a fatal strkie to Dwarf Blocker - Ayam. The medical team at the Hatters unable to revive him. However as the dwarf went down Hobgoblin - Sary recovered the ball and dashed clear of the Raiders defence. First gamer Ghoul - Lamorpus Joyntnaw was tripped up in an attempt to get back and Sary scored the equaliser with just moments to spare.

Merely a formality, the Hatters kicked the ball to the Raiders but there was only time for a gather and short pass before the whistle was blown and the game concluded a tie. A fitting end to a game that was expected to be and certainly was a scrappy affair.

Final score 1-1 in a tight one.

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