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Ratskin Renegades

gate: 12 000
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Da Wild Bunch


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The "real" Ikit
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The "real" Ikit
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Orok Gorch
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Niggling Injury
Result added May 11th, 2022

Match notes
"Can you smell-l-l-l-l-l-lll what the Ratskin Renegades are cooking?"

Well Da Wild Bunch did and after feasting on the cooking of the hired chef the orcs seem to turn into the tame bunch. (Perhaps the rats added some Claln Pestilens potion to the stew).

Speedy gutter runner Chop-snot was able to score very early in the first half.

Da Wild Bunch responded with stunning a few rats and moving into scoring position. But the rats were able to pull off an amazing series of moves and blitz the ballcarrier and recover the ball. Distracted by the stew, the orcs could not recover the ball.

The second half, the rats all came back from the KO bin thanks to the bloodweiser keg. They swarmed on defence and surrounded the orc cage. One false move from a black orc let the rats push and pull and knock the ball free. A gutter runner ran in and grabbed the ball, leapt clear of the fray and took off.

Facing a 2 nil deficit, coach Diceroller brought out the newly hired Troll / Gobbo combo for a fast response. A blitz by rats put the nix to that plan, and despite recovering the ball, and getting it to Pancho the goblin, the troll picked him up and fumbled him right down behind him.

With rats already in the backfield from the blitz, the rats were able to flatten the gobbo, grab the ball and throw the ball downfield for the sealing touchdown.

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