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July 17th, 2010
Two deaths and a Draw
Coach Elan has urged his team to try and play the ball a little more.

The CAN focus on head-kicking has lead to a few positives - the death of Takos the Mummy of Zombie Land at the hands of Kungus being a Round 9 Headline - but the Coach now wants to win a few games before the end of the Season.

Insiders claim that this is due to the mean-spirited jibes of Commissioner Kyle, whose Dark Elves slimed their way to a win over Coach Annachie's out of form Norse, moving the Dark Elves ahead of the CAN in the league rankings.

The CAN also confirmed a free agent left CAN to join Zombie Land during the Round 9 Match - Hobgoblin Erasmus was plucked from this mortal coil and became Zombie Erasmus mid-match. The CAN spokesman noted that no-one had liked Erasmus much anyway.
- Elan
June 24th, 2010
A win and a death ...
Hobgoblin Ousanas was foully struck down by Rocky Bashey in Game 7 ... Ousanas had thought he was home free after being struck by lightning early in the game, and forgot to look both ways before crossing the line of scrimmage.

His sacrifice (or at least his bleeding corpse) distracted the rejoicing orcs long enough for the CAN to get home a second and game winning TD. This puts the CAN into a reasonably health 3-2-2 position just after the middle of its first season.

Unfortunately, the somewhat shellshocked CAN players could only maim an errant goblin in return, leaving the little bugger as free range game to anyone seeking to damage a ST2, AV6 stunty.

Once collected, please forward the scalp of the little bugger to CAN HQ, and a reward will be posted out by return mail.
- Elan
June 5th, 2010
In the CAN
At mid-season, life is pretty good in the CANs. In a developmental first Season, 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses and fifth position overall is pretty darn good. More importantly, the 19:5 casualty count has the fans lining up for merchandise .... upside down toilet bowl hats are becoming all the rage!
- Elan
Mar. 18th, 2010
Chaosium Ad Nauseum (the CANs)
With no pre-season and a rush to locate players capable of being fielded, Coach Elan slapped together a last minute entry into Season 4 of MBBL.

Apparently this was not such a bad thing, as the CANs (both an acronym of the team name and a description of the team headress) managed to stave off massive defeats by more agile and skilled teams in its first two matches (both against Dark Elves).

Coach Elan has raised fan and player morale by publicly announcing that this is a "development season" for the CANs. Accordingly, incentive bonuses will be paid to players (and fans) for beating up the opposition rather than the more traditional bonuses for beating them on the scoreboard!
- Elan
Chaosium Ad Nauseum
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