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July 24th, 2013
Shufflers Season Lauch Party
The Siwan Shufflers celebrated with extraordinary gusto at the season launch party. After beginning the season with a win, the team had extra reason to celebrate - two more blissful deaths to the team.

Nuffle clearly approved of the Shufflers promotion to Division 1 and chose to bless both Djadao and Iabi with eternal rest. For their efforts in aiding the players to reach their goal, Hashuts Horders players Gerry the Gnome and Vinnie the Horns have been awarded the Friend of the Sands award.

The Shufflers also took this opportunity to display their new logo - a subtle upgrade designed to reflect their increased status as a result of last season's promotion.
- Moraiwe
Mar. 26th, 2013
Shufflers target their own players!
In an unprecedented move, and at the request of the players, managment at the Siwan Shufflers have begun placing bounties upon their own team members. A spokesman for the team said "These players are weary, they want what any normal person wants when they die - peace. So far, we've been disappointed at the lack of violence other MBBL teams have thrown at us. Perhaps they fear retribution. We hope this financial incentive will increase the amount of players willing to go toe-to-toe with the Khemri."

League rules currently only allow 50k to be spent in between games, but it is believed the Shufflers intend to add two bounties after each match from here on in.
- Moraiwe
Mar. 3rd, 2013
Party Time in Siwa
Tremendous celebrations have been taking place at the Shufflers' home ground since their Round 2 clash against the Numas Hotspores. To the uninitiated, it would seem that celebrating the achievement of two wins in a row to be quite bemusing, but the truth is somewhat stranger. The team and management have been celebrating is the death of their teammate Wakhakwi. Coach Moraiwe was quoted as saying "It's a huge relief to the team. Doubts about the belief that Nuffle would give eternal rest to these tortured souls had begun to surface. Now we feel that the path to salvation lies in further contests out on the field."

Moraiwe went on to say, "We would also like to thank that great Hotspores player Beer Money Inc for his killing blow. It is with great pride that I can bestow upon him the first ever 'Friend of the Sands' award."
- Moraiwe
June 28th, 2012
Midseason Press Conference
Greetings gentlemen of the press. I called this conference to dispel some disconcerting rumours that have begun to circulate about the team.
Let me begin by saying most adamantly that the story about the team losing it's faith in Blood Bowl is completely untrue. Whilst it is true that there is some disappointment that none of the team have yet found eternal rest, the players remain convinced that by devoting themselves to Blood Bowl, Nuffle will look down upon them with benevolence and grant them peace. Perhaps the lads had hoped that it would come sooner - they now realise the amount of time and dedication needed to reach their most noble goal.
We are only half-way through the season, and there are many strong opponents left to play. The Shufflers will continue to do their best to please Nuffle, and through him end their curse. Any questions?

"Moraiwe, the team currently have casualty count of 29 to 7. Has there been any concern that the MBBL does not have opponents of significant strength to kill your players? Are you looking at other leagues?"

Not at all. The Siwan Shufflers are committed to the MBBL. There are quality killers out there in the league. For example, the Brass Juggernaut are a team we're yet to play and I imagine they can't wait to get their claws into us.

"In your last game against the Sultans, It appeared for a moment that Djadao had died. What happened exactly?"

We are not entirely sure. For one moment, a glorious sense of satisfation came over me as Djadao failed to stir after being beaten down by the might Kroxigor. Then, without any warning, or reason we can fathom, he stirred back to life... if you can call this horror, 'life'.

"Isn't it true that some of the players are enjoying the game so much, they are no longer interested in passing away?"

That's ridiculous, and I believe you have no information to prove this. Of course they enjoy the game, it's their one true hope and they throw themselves whole-heartedly into it.. But have no dought that all of the Shufflers see Blood Bowl as one thing, a means to an end. The final end. That's all I'm gonna say about it. Good day.
- Moraiwe
Feb. 8th, 2012
Shuffling into the MBBL.
After playing a half-dozen games in the MOBB, the Siwan Shufflers have decided to further seek Nuffle's benevolence by entering the MBBL.
Sadly for these tormented souls, none of the Shufflers have found eternal rest - this despite facing off against such fearsome creatures as Treemen, Wereworlves, Mummies and Troll Slayers.
In a short press realese, the Shufflers' coach Moraiwe stated "We hope that by moving to the MBBL... (more) lethal opposition can be encountered. Nothing is more important to me than to help these wretched creatures find some piece[sic] and Nuffle willing, they will do so."
- Moraiwe
Siwan Shufflers
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