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Aug. 3rd, 2017
Warpstone Raider hire new Thrower
Warpstone Raider welcome Vikch Skygrip to the team. May he last longer than the other two throwers
- ShadowMK
May 3rd, 2016
Season 13 - Valley of Death
Wycut Chitter
- ShadowMK
Oct. 17th, 2015
Cutter new rising star
Fans are flocking to the Warpstone Raiders matches to see the team's star player Corpform Cutter after sending three humans to the dug out against the Sons of Burtus.
- ShadowMK
July 13th, 2015
Two die in practice match
We remember the linerats that gave their all in the match, Finlut and Lhier. May they rest in peace.
- ShadowMK
Warpstone Raiders
Race:  Skaven
Coach:  ShadowMK

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