Underworld Goblin,


Interceptions: 0
Deflections: 0
Completions: 0
Touchdowns: 2
Casualties: 0
MVP awards: 0
Unspent SPP: 0 (6)
Fouls: 0
Compl. seasons: 0





5 2 3+ 4+ 8+ Right Stuff, Dodge, Stunty, Two Heads

Sustained Injuries: -MA  DEATH!

Was killed in the match Lonely Mountain Marauders - Hallucinogenetics (MBBL Season 17, Round 6).

*****Killed by Frar*****

Height: 3' 7"
Weight: 42 lb
Seasons Played: 15, 16, 17
Games Played: 16
Career Fouls: 6
Deaths Caused by Fouls: 1 (victim regenerated)
Penalties: 1 for 117 Minutes, 1 Game Misconduct penalty
Passing Attempts: 1
Times Thrown: 1
Successful Landings: 1
TDs by Being Thrown: 1

Stomponato was originally a halfling named Stoppo Naters who accepted a position as the team's dietitian. However it seemed that preparing the team's odd diet, heavily laced with the raw stuff of chaos, soon had an effect on the plucky lad; making him tougher and boosting his speed.
While this physique would have made Stoppo a legend among his kind, the warpstone also affected his mind, twisting it so he no longer cared about food.

Is something of a celebrity amongst his fellow goblins as he is the first goblin on the team to score more than one TD and survive!

Constant exposure to Warpstone has resulted in Stomponato gaining a second head.

In the rematch versus the Rising Zelophehads (Hallucinogenetics - Rising Zelophehads (MBBL Season 16, Round 6)) Stomponato had both his legs snapped, slowing his pace considerably.

*****It was noted in his last will that, in the event of his demise, his retirement fund should be donated to the Viking Home for Injured and Maimed Players.*****

Competition Participant:
Blocktober 2517

Season 23 Champions
Season 23 Silver Winners
Season 23 Bronze Winners
Season 22Champions
Season 22 Silver Winners
Season 22 Bronze Winners
Season 20 Champions

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