Result of MBBL Season 5

  Team trophy    Winner Race
& coach
  MBBL Championship   Zombie Land  Shambling Undead
  MBBL Runner Up   Puss Buckets  Nurgle
  MBBL Most Brutal   Twakkers  Chaos Dwarf
  MBBL Top Scorer   Ratsburg Steelers  Skaven
  MBBL Most Fragile   Ratsburg Steelers  Skaven
  MBBL Leaky Cauldron   Lisarde Svolante  Lizardmen

  Player prize    Winner Type
& team
  All Star     Blice the Quiet Bounty (80000 gp) Gutter Runner
Ratsburg Steelers
  Scoring Machine     Blice the Quiet Bounty (80000 gp) Gutter Runner
Ratsburg Steelers
  Most Violent     Chaplain of Wounding  Saurus Blocker
Hexoatl Missionaries
  Most Violent     Death  Bloater
Puss Buckets
  Top Thrower     Elryion  Wood Elf Thrower
Woodchuck's Blitzers
  Most Lethal     Garythe the Lethal Bounty (50000 gp)dead Skaven Blitzer
Ratsburg Steelers
  Most Lethal     Death  Bloater
Puss Buckets

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