Carnegie Bagels

Race:  Human
Coach:  Dorkfather

Carnegie Bagels team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
May 18th, 2018 - old news
Carnegie v. Avelorn
“Now, looking ahead to tonight’s big match we have the hometown favourites The Carnegie Bagels up against, love ‘em or hate ‘em, The Avelorn Avengers.”

“The Bagels have fought long and hard to get here tonight, through draws and wins through forfeiture. I, for one, want to see that work pay off. I’ve got a real soft spot for those bagels.”

“Me too. But let’s look at Avelorn’s team. Have they *all* had a makeover?”

“Spent more time in the salon than on the pitch. I mean, what aspects of the game, other than dancing and selfies with the crowd, is this team good at?! I’ll admit, they are important aspects of the game.”

“True but lacking a big guy and with only one player with guard, there’s a lot of pressure on Tony Skank. I hope he’s packing a spare arc-reactor!”

“He’ll be no match for Yonny McFist! I’d stay well away from him.”

“Have you met him? Sweetest guy off the pitch...”
- Dorkfather
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MBBL Season 16, MBBL Season 17, MBBL Season 18, MBBL Season 21
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