Inter Luccini

Race:  Human
Coach:  Myki
Inter Luccini
Uniform: Dark Blue shirts, Black shorts
Home League: Tilean Serie A
Head Coach: Jòse Mouronio

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Mar. 22nd, 2012 - old news
Inter Suffer 3-0 loss
Inter Luccini hosted the Rabidsville Rioters in a MOBB match but it was the Rioters who came out on top 3-0.
The much faster team from the sewers were just too quick for Inters men. A bright spark in the match was the match up between the Warpstone Troll and Inters' 2IC Tombolo, and the surprise outcome was Tombolo badly hurting the Troll after the troll had KO'd Myki.
Wilski Cassius had the chance to make the score look respectable at 2-1 but no he tripped over his clown shoes and tumbled over the line badly hurting himself.
Tigr slammed 1 of 2 throwers to the turf in a horrendous smash which gave the rat a niggling injury, before Myki was KO'd he took down a pesky Goblin.
Levi Hirdicus managed 1 completion a poor start to his resurrected career.
MVP went to Samwize FoDaK.
The final result 3-0 to the Rioters in score and 3-0 in Cas to Inter.

The dice were fickal for me today to make it 2-1 i rolled the GFI-1 RR-1 I felt like throwing the die lol.
Good Game Tom :)
- Myki
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