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July 22nd, 2022 - old news
Juggernauts return with a win
After a break in play due to Nurgle's Plague cancelling the 2020 and 2021 seasons, the Jade Mountain Juggernauts have returned for the second season of 2022, with a victory over the Culchan Death Vipers.

Things started poorly, with the Death Vipers receiving and scoring quickly, well before fan favourite Brilnyl Leadfoot and team mascot 'The Juggernaut' could lay into the brave Amazons. The Dwarves received down a player and a point, but now there were grudges to settle. The first two blocks on the line were knock outs as the dwarves forced their way into the opposition half. Blitzer Angrom Ingotstrider was in position to score, but two years off the field left Vonmiir Farforge's throwing skills a bit rusty, and an inaccurate pass saw the dwarves fail to level the score before the half time whistle.

Four of the warrior women had been KOd at the end of the first half, including two star blitzers, and only a lineman returned to the bench for the second half. Now down players, and with the Juggernauts receiving, the tables turned against the Amazons. Two casualties (one to a failed dodge away from the scrum) and several more knockouts left them unable to stop a blisteringly fast 4 turn dwarven touchdown, despite still making many good tackles of their own. The Amazonians received in the final quarter, and while they were able to injure Blocker Randram Emberhelm, they were unable to defend their ball carrier responding to a deep kick, and the Dwarfs crossed the line for the game winning touchdown on turn 8.
- MattG
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