The Pride Rock Punishers

Race:  Chaos Renegade
Coach:  Astrosimian
Having had to abandon their home due to famine, the pride found shelter with a travelling Blood Bowl team. Their hunger temporarily sated but eager to find a new home they can call their own, the pride take up the sport, following the league circuit. As for their hunger? Deaths do happen on the pitch now and then...

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Bulletin board from the coach
June 6th, 2013 - old news
Pride Rock News
The Pride Rock Punishers have decided not to pursue a second consecutive season in the league; the hunting grounds call.

The team shall return, hopefully with a more competent coaching staff.
- Astrosimian
Apr. 26th, 2013 - old news
Pride Rock News
With just a few hours until kickoff against the Dark Elven team, Cruel Sea Kracken, the Punishers are beginning their pregame warmup and hoping to snap thier unfortunate losing streak.

Unfortunately we have been unable to find any Dark Elves to train against so management has decided to fire up the team using another race from the cold, dark north - the Norse!

The blocking line has been training hard, punching Norsemen. Blitzing specialists have been practising smashing into Norsemen. Special teams have been busy finding just the right spot on a Norseman's neck to stomp on.

Pride Rock would like to acknowledge the firm of 'Bjorn's Bjockers!' for supplying the Norsemen to train on!
- Astrosimian
Apr. 3rd, 2013 - old news
Pride Rock News
The whole of the team including management, coaching staff and players under the guidance of Herr Doktor Schlippengore have been scouring local apothecary shops, hedge witch huts, and alchemists' suppliers in search of antiseptics, alcohol rubs and purified water in preparation for their match against the Geelong Rotters.
- Astrosimian
Mar. 17th, 2013 - old news
Pride Rock News
The Pride Rock Punishers are pleased to announce the addition of Shar-Nan Neeganz in the role of special teams' coordinator.
Shar-Nan is already hard at work training the renegade, Bundi.
- Astrosimian
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