Race:  Skaven
Coach:  Liam
From out of the sewers of North Lundrun, scamper the mighty Super Passing Ultra Rat Stars!
The S.P.U.R.S were just an ameatur team, stuck down in the dank crevices of sewers honing their skills on whatever creatures fell their way. They tried their luck in the GARBBL, but ultimately fell at the final hurdle on several occasions. So now the Horned Rat has spoken. The S.P.U.R.S must try their luck in the MBBL!

S.P.U.R.S team badge
Bulletin board from the coach


Tournaments played:
MBBL Season 8, MBBL Season 9
Trophies won:
MBBL Top Scorer: MBBL Season 9


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Season 16 Champions
Season 16 Silver Winners
Season 16 Bronze Winners
Season 15 Champions
Season 15 Silver Winners
Season 15 Bronze Winners
Season 14 Champions

Latest matches:
MOBB Season 14, MOBB
  0    Whitechapel Stree...
  1    Sunnydale Slayers
MOBB Season 14, MOBB
  2    R'lyeh Summoners
  1    Orcsburg Stompers
MOBB Season 14, MOBB
  1    Dawnstar Draugr
  1    Faceless Men
MOBB Season 14, MOBB
  2    R'lyeh Summoners
  4    Florentine Follies
MOBB Season 14, MOBB
  1    Dawnstar Draugr
  2    Matsudo Jietai
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