Orc Lineman,
Skye Rawr!

   Draft List number: 12  

Value: 130,000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Deflections: 0
Completions: 7
Touchdowns: 2
Casualties: 2  (1 was a kill!)
MVP awards: 4
Unspent SPP: -5 (33)
Fouls: 0





5 3 2+ 4+ 9+ Animosity (Orc Linemen), Block, +AG, Sure Hands

Sustained Injuries: -AV

Plays for Skye Rawr! with number 12.

After 'Eadbutt got his AV bust hed been looking for a way to get out of line duty. Suddenly it hit him. No no literally it him. The team thrower had heard bad things about the Elfroids he'd procured, about how they made you want to brush your hair and hug trees and shite so he didnt want em.
'Ere 'Eadbutt suck on those ya gimpy' he said.
Owright then said 'Eadbutt, I will.
Several cans of Elfroid later 'Eadbutt found his agility was improved so much he showed Da Boss wud he could do, and was promoted from line fodder to freak who might be useful to have around.
Of course he now had a growing desire for rabbit food. No not rabbits...rabbit food, you know leafy gree....

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