Die Cast Iron Bones

Race:  Shambling Undead
Coach:  Cotterz
Modern Necromancy

Die Cast Iron Bones team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
July 10th, 2023 - old news
DCIB return to stasis
Technomancer Cotterz has sent the necrons of Die Cast Iron Bones back into stasis as he turns his attention to fatherly duties. The team appeared happy as they were alloyed with the championship gold, but it might have been a grimace at the misfortune of the Culchan Death Vipers; who were lost to jungle fever and did not show to the final game of the season.
- Cotterz
Dec. 11th, 2022 - old news
The Iron Bones return for season 24
After rusting out in the rain in season 23, the Iron Bones have trained hard over the off-season and are ready to alloy their metal with a bit of gold in season 24. Claws have been sharpened, joints oiled, Zombie firmware updated and Mummys have learned to block. Good luck to all adversaries of the Technomancer Cotterz and may Nuffle bless the crowd with entertaining games!
- Cotterz
Mar. 23rd, 2021 - old news
Crypt ETH rejoins the Ether
It's life force was consumed by a crazed pack of miniature apes, which were surprisingly strong when together.

On an unrelated note: DCIB is looking for a skilled mechan... medic... to assist with reviving interest in Ethereum.
- Cotterz
Tournaments played:
PreseasonMBBL22, MBBL Season 22, MBBL Season 23, MBBL Season 24
Trophies won:
MBBL Championship: MBBL Season 24
MBBL Most Brutal: MBBL Season 22



Credited 40k for Zombie.

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