Grim Fangdango

Race:  Vampire
Coach:  DrPoods
Uniform: You should see a team picture under "Sartorial Elegance".
Home Stadium: Schuschein Colosseum
Coach: DrPoods
Fashion Consultant: Giorgio Armani
Captain: Lady Margolotta

Grim Fangdango team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Apr. 26th, 2015 - old news
Zis Is Rahzer Unexpected...

"Yeth Mithtreth?"

"Begin the recording device if you would be so kind."

Gut evening cattle.

Ve haf been making mit der excitink Blood Bowl. Ze fanz are most impressed mit zer fancy play und our marvellous dressink style. One vud say zay are almost enthralled...

Ha ha. Permit me mine little funny.

Anyvay, ze performances have been of zer mixed variety but zer players are be makink mit der new skill and zer mesmeric dodgink talents. As for me? Vell... How do you mortals say? I am playing ze hard to get, no? Ha ha ha. Vun ting haz led to annuzer und we are lookink almost close to zer finishink post. It vuld seem we haf caught zer eye of ze easily impressed und are be makink big leap to zer big time in zer new season.

Zis is to be expected. Ven you are ze snappy dresser, und zo naturally mit der talent und all...

"End recording Igor. That should entertain those filthy journalistic types."

"Indubitably Mithtreth."
- DrPoods
Apr. 12th, 2015 - old news
Tonight We Are Going To Suck...

Vot iz it dat dey say? It is amusink to us dat zeez mortals deign to criticise uz, considerink dat we are, how do you say?, hard to keep in zer control. Nuzzink could furzer from zer truth. Vee like to be zer playink hard and zer party hard.

Vee are better zan you, und vee are knowink it.

Vee are so much better zan you and vee are rockink zer natty threads. Zis cannot be beink argued und you vould be foolish to try. In closink, vee must also be sayink zat vee are not beink zer silly stereotypez zat you be imaginink...

Zank you.

"IGOR! Get me a coffee please, talking like this is most disagreeable to the vocal chords. But, my dear Igor, one must amuse the cattle, yes?"

"Yeth mithtreth..."
- DrPoods
Tournaments played:
MOBB Season 9, MBBL Season 12, MBBL Season 13
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MOBB Most Brutal: MOBB Season 9


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