Imperious Snotballz

Race:  Goblin
Coach:  Dalryk
The Snotballz are a proud (some might say arrogant) tribe of goblins with a much feared reputation amongst their kind. Renowned for their audacity, viciousness and willingness to use all means at their disposal to achieve their goals.

The Snotballz come to the MBBL not to make friends nor to make up the numbers, but to make their opponents tremble in fear and adulation. They are the Imperious Snotballz.

Imperious Snotballz team badge
Bulletin board from the coach


Tournaments played:
MOBB Season 5, MBBL Season 8, MBBL Season 9, MBBL Season 10, MBBL Season 11, MBBL Season 12, MBBL Season 13, MBBL Season 14, MBBL Season 15, MBBL Season 16, MBBL Season 17, MBBL Season 18
Playing in:
MBBL Season 19
Trophies won:
MBBL Most Fragile: MBBL Season 17
MBBL Leaky Cauldron: MBBL Season 14



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Season 18 Champions
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Season 18 Bronze Winners
Season 17 Champions
Season 17 Silver Winners
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Season 16 Champions

Latest matches:
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MOBB Season 16, MOBB
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