Woodistan State Dance Squad

Race:  Wood Elf
Coach:  Dazed

Woodistan State Dance Squad team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
June 12th, 2014 - old news
Woodistan State University
When Woodistan State University required a Blood Bowl team to enhance their image and gain further government subsidies (the President needed a new office) it was the Dance Squad that was called upon to take the field.

Being lovers not fighters the Dance Squad perfected the finer points of the game, looking to score often and hurt little.

"May all your armour breaks be stuns and may all your long bomb Touchdowns be completed with beautiful pirouettes."
- Dazed
Tournaments played:
MOBB Season 7, MBBL Season 10, MBBL Season 11, MBBL Season 12, MBBL Season 13, MBBL Season 14
Trophies won:
MBBL Championship: MBBL Season 14
MBBL Runner Up: MBBL Season 13
MOBB Runners Up: MOBB Season 7




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Season 16 Champions
Season 16 Silver Winners
Season 16 Bronze Winners
Season 15 Champions
Season 15 Silver Winners
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Season 14 Champions

Latest matches:
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  0    Whitechapel Stree...
  1    Sunnydale Slayers
MOBB Season 14, MOBB
  2    R'lyeh Summoners
  1    Orcsburg Stompers
MOBB Season 14, MOBB
  1    Dawnstar Draugr
  1    Faceless Men
MOBB Season 14, MOBB
  2    R'lyeh Summoners
  4    Florentine Follies
MOBB Season 14, MOBB
  1    Dawnstar Draugr
  2    Matsudo Jietai
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