Ratskin Renegades

Race:  Skaven
Coach:  Thorslev
Hailing from Clan Carrion the Ratskin Renegades are on of the most hated teams in the Under Empire Federation (UEF) due to their prolific thieving habits. Even the player names are stolen, 'borrowed' from famous Skaven dignitaries and the like. Even their fans despise them, turning up every week simply to watch the imposter effigy of their rival get smashed into the ground!
The Renegades has recently fled Skavenblight after a misunderstanding with Clan Eshin and are now looking to make it big in the MBBL!

Ratskin Renegades team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
May 25th, 2018
Warpstone Scandal rumours continue
In a surprise 4-1upset against the Summoners the Renegades have launched themselves to the Number Two position in their inaugural season of the MBBL! Rumours have circulated that the Renegades hired an Eshin assassin rather than the infamous Skitterstab and while there is certainly no substance to these rumours this halfling can report that the star made a significant impact on the game, even taking out a Kroxigor with a surprise tackle as well as several vital Summoner catches.

Exploiting these openings was up-and-coming star Scratch who has undergone further treatment in the Muscular Vitae Program and now not only hits like a deathroller but dances like an elf cheerleader! Rumours persist regarding the use of warpstone supplements however inspections from league inspectors have proved no wrong doing. On an unrelated note the families of several inspectors have been found unharmed after getting lost in subterranean dugouts.

The Renegades have begun an extensive training program in preparation for their final match of the season against the Sabertooth's. The Orcs are likely to play a serious bashing game and many fans are already going rabid over the thought of their favourite rats getting pummelled into the ground. Hopefully the Barron can pull off one of his famous plays as we go into the final game of the series.

The winner takes all in this final matchup to see who gets to qualify for the Silver Division of the MBBL in Season 18! This halfling is waiting with baited breath for the outcome for if the Renegades can scrape a win he has a chance at his own freedom!

This is the Hairy Halfling signing off!
- Thorslev
Apr. 28th, 2018 - old news
1-1 Victory* against the Dawnstars!
Riots continue throughout the night as rabid Ratskin Renegade fans party on through the night at what they are calling a resounding success! Locals are quick to point out that the match was indeed a draw however the Renegades dismiss these naysayers are easily as they are flipping Halfling food carts insisting that The Barron is back on form, no one died and the Renegades held their own against a superior opponent!

Relations between Glart Jr. and the Renegades are strained after Glart was, to quote the fans, a '%$&Sing waste of warpstone' on the pitch spending as much time lying about as he did not pushing his opponents around.

After a mid drive sack delivered by the Dawnstars left the Renegades in trouble Scratch dashed into the face of danger to save the day in a play so hot it burned like a jet of warpfire leading to a stalemate with the stale dead.

Eshin assassins have been dispatched to pay a visit to Lami, player #3 for the Dawnstar Draugrs after he spent most of the first drive fouling the fur off everyones favourite rats leading to Mouldy having a face full of fresh scars but the surgeon team has told the media the sacker will be match ready for the next game!

Despite his comeback the glory days for the Baron are over as the fickle fans have found a new favourite to fawn over. The Barron has completed his rehab and is looking to show form again in his next matchups.

Until next time folks, this has been the Hairy Halfling, unwilling Skaven reporter, signing off!

-please save me!
- Thorslev
Apr. 7th, 2018 - old news
0-1 defeat against the Faceless Men!
A nail biting game to very end that saw another clanrat dead and three gutter runners injured over the course of the match. Fans have attributed the loss to The Barron 'piss farting around in the endzone' rather then scoring. The Barron has responded to the accusations by going on a three day warpstone bender.

In other news, the Ratskin Renegades have signed on new talent! He Enkril will be the 3rd Clanrat to wear the #11 jersey and rumours are starting to circulate that it is cursed!
- Thorslev
Mar. 19th, 2018 - old news
Renegades triumph 2-1 against the MMO!
Despite clear evidence of poisoning from an unknown source (all evidence points to Clan Eshin but witnesses aren't talking) the Renegades managed to squeek a 2-1 victory against the Mediocre Meaty Ogres!
- Thorslev
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MBBL Season 17, MBBL Season 18
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