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Race:  Chaos Renegade
Coach:  Dunenzed

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Mar. 20th, 2021 - old news
Preseason Game 1
With a genius level performance by Kug Foulbelly and Xorm Bighacker of the Renegadoes it a tough day on the turf for the boys from Hookturnistan. Fortunately for Grumpy his day was shorter than the rest of his team, falling hard from an Irvine Grim blitz, allowing him an early shower. Is the lingering niggle really a smashed knee or is it just a bruised ego?

Nash Crowe and Dominic Howler are too busy celebrating their first half touch downs to give it much thought, the later having taken a beautiful cross field pass from Nadhe Ivorydancer to take the Renegadoes into half time with a 2-0 lead.

The Hunchbacks fought back, with a plucky display of blocking from Aramiz helping to show his Black Orc front line exactly what they should be doing, with Beefy and Smacky bringing the beefy smacks in the second half. A particularly brutal smack from Smacky will see Crowe taking an extra week to reflect on the importance of not showboating in the face of a Black Orc.

Would it be two little to score, with a pair of goblins getting ahead of the pack and charging down the sideline? Unfortunately no, with the scrambling sliding defence forcing the error as the little guy tripped, spilling the ball and allowing Jasper Woods to call on nuffle one last time, with a long pass down field to Ivorydancer rubbing the salt all the way in.

Should these two teams meet again in a dark alley, you can be sure that a Hunchback will be Unificado'ing a Renegadoe with the dirt.
- Dunenzed
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