Game Sessions

Round 1 20 July 2024
Round 2 10 August 2024
Round 3 31 August 2024
Round 4 21 September 2024
Round 5 12 October 2024
Round 6 2 November 2024
Round 7 23 November 2024

Official game sessions are every third Saturday afternoon from 2pm and we meet at the bar in Fortress Melbourne https://www.fortressmelbourne.com/ . There is no entry fee or table hire cost. However, they do ask as a group to partake in a drink or two or some food from the bar. This will be an experiment to see if it works for us and them.

As always while the preference is that you attend game night, you are free to organise your games, with your opponentís consent, at another venue or time.

Andrew (Lord T)
James (James)
Adrian (ShadowMK)

If you are an existing MBBL member, send an email with your Team Name and Race to commish.mbbl@gmail.com. we will set up your team and you can get to buying players.
If you are new to the league, also please provide name, coach name, mobile and email address.

League fees will be $10 a season.† Payable on the first game night of the season.

MBBL Commissioner

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Nov. 21st, 2023 - old news
Div 2 Round 7 Reminder
Div 2 will have a cross-divisional round to end the season - some of the fixtures are up for this, but we are still waiting for one Round 6 match to be able to complete the schedule.
- Stevutz
July 14th, 2023 - old news
Season 25 has commenced!
Fixtures for the first round (game day: 29/7) are up. Get in contact with your opponents, schedule your games and kill all the players.


The rest of the schedule will follow soon.
- Stevutz
May 27th, 2023 - old news
Div 3 Round 7 matchups now up!
Pretty much all said by the subject. People in Groups Copper and Tin can now find their Round 7 matches in the schedule.
- Stevutz
Feb. 20th, 2023 - old news
Full Season 24 Schedule is Up!
So you should see all your upcoming games now, apart from those in Bronze Division (groups Tin and Copper).
For those, the round 7 game will be a cross-divisional match where teams will be playing against their similarly placed counterpart. Yeah, I don't understand that last sentence either.
Put simply, 1st in Tin will play against 1st in Copper, 2nd vs 2nd, etc.
- Stevutz
Nov. 15th, 2022 - old news
Sign Up for Season 24 is open
Check out


Heaps of time to sign up. Next season wont start till late Jan/early Feb, but as teams are completing their seventh game and getting ready for redraft thought would get this out there.
- Lord T

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