The Melbourne Blood Bowl League is a table top Blood Bowl league that plays out of Good Games in the CBD.

The primary league, MBBL, runs two seasons a year with play on every third Friday and seasons commencing roughly the end of January and the end of July each year. The MBBL runs three divisions, Gold, Silver and Bronze with promotion and relegation at the end of each season.

The Melbourne Open Blood Bowl (MOBB) runs casually all year round, with games made casually between coaches. Teams can be prepared in the MOBB league for entry into the next MBBL season.

Season 16 begins July 2017 with the following dates for rounds:

Round 1 - July 21
Round 2 - August 11
Round 3 - September 1
Round 4 - September 22
Round 5 - October 13
Round 6 - November 3
Round 7 - November 24

Season 17 is likely to commence late Jan or early Feb 2018.

If you are interested in playing Blood Bowl in Melbourne, come join us in the MBBL or MOBB. Either contact us on commish.mbbl@gmail.com or you can visit our league forums at www.ausbowl.com.

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July 18th, 2017
Div 3 Schedule now fully loaded
Should be all correct now.
- Moraiwe
July 14th, 2017
MBBL Ruleset
The ruleset has been updated, and a few changes worth noting for Season 16:
Release of new Star Players. The MBBL website has been updated to reflect this;
New inducements. Note due to the new inducements in place the CRP Wizard is no longer an inducement option in MBBL;
New rosters for Goblins, and Chaos Pact as per the MBBL website (minor changes to each);
Skill clarifications which generally fall in line with previous CRP rules; and
Brettonians are now allowed in the MBBL league.
- Kyle
July 10th, 2017
Season 16 schedule up.
The schedule is up for Season 16 and it all begins on July 21st. Please contact your opponents nice and early if you need to arrange a reschedule.

We have a few new players to the league this season - welcome to Marwin, Strmwng, Pip, UncleBarrels & Eightlives.

Exctingly, we're guaranteed to have a new MBBL champion this season as Gold Division is filled with players who've never won the top honour before.

Good luck to all.
- Moraiwe
July 1st, 2017
You may hire when ready!
All the new players from Death Zone 2 have been added to the database (Doom Diver & Ooligan for Goblins, Orc Renegade for Chaos Pact, and a number of Star Players) and are legal to be used in both MOBB and MBBL matches.
- Moraiwe
June 11th, 2017 - old news
S16 Now Open... for Bretonnians too!
Season 16 is now up on the menu. I've entered the teams I know are playing this season. Please check to see if your team is there - if not, go to your admin page and enter your chosen team.

Also, as the heading suggests, we are now allowing Bretonnian teams into MBBL proper.
- Moraiwe

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