Gutter Runner,
Ratskin Renegades

   Roster number: 3  

Value: 120,000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 6
Touchdowns: 3
Casualties: 0
MVP awards: 3
Star Player Points: 30
MA ST AG AV Skills
9 2 4 7 Dodge, Weeping Blades, Wrestle, Strip Ball

Sustained Injuries: none

Plays for Ratskin Renegades with number 3.

Mouldy is an up and coming star for the Ratskin Renegades having already endeared (as much as any Renegade can at least) himself to the fans for his aggressive play style and willingness to put his head on the line for a touch down.

Of the gutter runners Mouldy is the only rat who did not originate from Clan Carrion. Mouldy first signed up with the Renegades after escaping from the pits of Clan Moulder and was given the name 'Mouldy' by his 'team mates' much to his chargrin. Sometimes tempers flare during training but so far Mouldy has kept his place in the team due to his incredible ball popping skills.

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