Race:  Underworld Denizens
Coach:  Astrosimian
The Hallucinogenetics were formed from ex-slaves and failed experiments of clan Moulder in a bid to bring Blood Bowl glory to Hell Pit.

Years of torment, biomanipulation and exposure to warpstone left its mark upon the players and they turned to illicit, mind-altering drugs to dull the pain and cope with their miserable lives.

It wasn't long before the players started using before (then during) matches, coaching staff turning a blind eye to the abuse; if a player thinks he's a ravenous minotaur instead of a fluffy bunny, so be it.

Hallucinogenetics team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
June 5th, 2019 - old news
Last Match of Season
Mediocre Meaty Ogres - Hallucinogenetics (MBBL Season 19, Round 7)

A win sponsored by ogre forgetfulness and paid for with Skaven blood.

The team will take the off season to re-evaluate it’s future with the league with many players longing for the “Good ‘ol days of relentless torture, bone-breaking work and fear back in Hell Pit.”
- Astrosimian
June 5th, 2019 - old news
Missing Bulletins
Hallucinogenetics - Dawnstar Draugr (MBBL Season 19, Round 2)
Ratskin Renegades - Hallucinogenetics (MBBL Season 19, Round 3)
Ostland Bulls - Hallucinogenetics (MBBL Season 19, Round 4)
Raiders of Zharr - Hallucinogenetics (MBBL Season 19, Round 5)
Faceless Men - Hallucinogenetics (MBBL Season 19, Round 6)

It seems that Match Bulletins have not been posted for several matches this season despite regular paycheques being sent to our editor Michael McDoesntexist. (Who also hasn’t responded to any communications by club management)

A reward is offered for any information of the whereabouts of McDoesntexist.
- Astrosimian
Mar. 12th, 2019 - old news
New Bulletin Editor
Lonely Mountain Marauders - Hallucinogenetics (MBBL Season 19, Round 1)

*This week's match bulletin is presented by team troll Hum Durgeon*

Dwarfs play strong. Hum Surgeon hit dwarfs but dwarfs score.

Hum Surgeon sad.

Hum Durgeon hit dwarf. Hum Durgeon hurt dwarf.

Hum Durgeon happy.

Skaven dodge bad. Dwarfs score.

Hum Durgeon sad.

Hum Durgeon try to eat goblin to make sad go away.

Goblin runs away from Hum Durgeon.

Hum Durgeon sad.
- Astrosimian
Nov. 23rd, 2018 - old news
Season Finale
Hallucinogenetics - Pheasant Pluckers (MBBL Season 18, Round 7)

The Hallucinogenetics managed to get a win in the final game of season 18 through a combination of a few BS plays on our part and bad luck on our opponent’s.

The team is looking forward to the summer break, sitting in a relaxing opium den but will be back for season 19. Whether its in gold or silver division is still to be decided.
- Astrosimian
Tournaments played:
MBBL Season 15, MBBL Season 16, MBBL Season 17, MBBL Season 18, MBBL Season 19
Trophies won:
MBBL Most Fragile: MBBL Season 17
MBBL Leaky Cauldron: MBBL Season 17



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