Race:  Underworld
Coach:  Astrosimian
The Hallucinogenetics were formed from ex-slaves and failed experiments of clan Moulder in a bid to bring Blood Bowl glory to Hell Pit.

Years of torment, biomanipulation and exposure to warpstone left its mark upon the players and they turned to illicit, mind-altering drugs to dull the pain and cope with their miserable lives.

It wasn't long before the players started using before (then during) matches, coaching staff turning a blind eye to the abuse; if a player thinks he's a ravenous minotaur instead of a fluffy bunny, so be it.

Hallucinogenetics team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Nov. 15th, 2017
The Quick and the Dead
Hallucinogenetics - Rising Zelophehads (MBBL Season 16, Round 6)

With speed, solid play and a bit of razzle-dazzle, the Hallucinogenetics manage their third win of the season.

Kudos go to players Brokentooth and Skeer Ampisilin in securing the win while Nuffle did the majority of the heavy lifting.

Special praise from the fan club goes to goblin Ehllisdi for stomping Halazar Cruor into paste with a few (dozen) well placed kicks.
- Astrosimian
Oct. 17th, 2017
A Series of Fortunate Events
Hallucinogenetics - Skye Rawr! (MBBL Season 16, Round 5)

Prayers at the altar of Nuffle seemed to have paid off, giving the team a surprise win against the powerful orcs of Skye Rawr.

Stadium inducements allowed the Hallucinogenetics to hire the Smashrip father and son duo which, combined with the injured players the orcs were missing, helped close the strength gap between the two teams.

Our teamís instincts for self preservation kicked in and they were able to avoid the worst of the orcís blows.

Kudos to rookie Tzaraath Leprae for scoring the winning goal of the game off a pass from 'Skinner' Slice-Slice.

Linerat Ebotar Enzimeís contract has been placed on waivers and he has been transferred back to Hell Pit. We wish him well in his new career as a test subject.
- Astrosimian
Sep. 19th, 2017 - old news
Hallucinogenetics - Black Smoke Popes (MBBL Season 16, Round 4)

We faced the Khemri in a very bloody match which, for the first half, went quite well for the team.

Unfortunately, the Khemri bashing power was too much for us to withstand and mounting casualties meant defeat.

A 40oz of Warpstone Ale will be poured for Carcinoma Angels and a glass of tepid water for Otto Klabe.

In related news, tryouts are open for a new Blitzer.
- Astrosimian
Sep. 16th, 2017 - old news
Lacklustre Performance
Prancing Ponies - Hallucinogenetics (MBBL Season 16, Round 3)

Elfy bullshit aplenty tonight as the Hallucinogenetics lost 4-1.

Nuffle - King of Bastards that he is - decided to once again turn his gaze away from the team and onto our pointy-eared, easy-mode opponents.

No bitterness.
- Astrosimian
Tournaments played:
MBBL Season 15
Playing in:
MBBL Season 16
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