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Oct. 1st, 2010
Half a season
The first season (S4) for the Hexoatl Missionaries was a challenge. Arriving late for the party the lizards lacked skill and relied initially on inducement and luck to survive.

The difficult first games, trying to hoard cash to fill the team and reach the right ratio of positional seem to take for ever. The level ups however were amazing. 8 out of the 10 MVP fell on the Saurus (and one on the Kroxigor) , and the skinks got mostly double and stat upgrades. Suffering several injuries the Lizardmen only carry one soft-shell Saurus from the previous season, and will hopefully see him retire or skill up enough to increase his survivability.

The team is now ready for Season 5.
Objectives: - complete the Kroxigor and Saurus progression,
- protect the skinks with doubles.
- Greyhound
June 26th, 2010
Underdog crawling back
After an humiliating defeat against the CAN the lizards knew the season would be tough. Poor earnings and the mad ambition of hiring an apothecary and a Kroxigor meant that the 12 initial missionaries would have to play many games before any kind of support join them on the pitch.

Nuffle helping the lizzies managed to keep a low profile and avoid the disastrous injuries of their first game stealing a Win and managing a draw. Their 4th game however saw the Hexoatl Missionaries face the mutated skaven of Ratsburg Steeler. Facing a vastly superior team the lizardmen sent back word to Lustria and begged the temple to send them reinforcement. The Old Ones be praised a complete moron of a Kroxigor who never saw a Blood bowl pitch was found, and the mighty Hemlock signed up for the game. They both saved the day and coach Greyhound hired the Kroxigor after he saw the beast taking hold of the ball and cover the whole pitch unhindered.

2-1-1 if the missionaries can keep pulling this off it might not be such a bad season after all.
- Greyhound
Mar. 26th, 2010
Unexpected Inquisition
The missionaries arrived in town weeks ago, but spent most of their time lurking around the stadium at night, and in training during the days. With a league already full, the Hexoatl Missionaries were told to stay put, and wait for the next season.

When a team mysteriously abandoned the competition due to a violent sickness, The commissars of the league gathered and started asking questions. It is at this time that Coach Greyhound presented his team and offered to join the league.

The Lizardmen, unexpectedly ready to play, quickly gathered and prepared for their first game.
- Greyhound
Hexoatl Missionaries
Race:  Lizardmen
Coach:  Greyhound

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