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Mar. 17th, 2013
Pride Rock News
The Pride Rock Punishers are pleased to announce the addition of Shar-Nan Neeganz in the role of special teams' coordinator.
Shar-Nan is already hard at work training the renegade, Bundi.
- Astrosimian
Mar. 15th, 2013
Pride Rock News
Management would like to congratulate the players on a hard-fought (and first ever) win against the dwarves of the Brunswick Thunders!

Kudos to Bundi for his two TDs and his second consecutive MVP!

Players are unavailable for comment at the moment as they are busy celebrating the win with a banquet of fresh dwarf meat!
- Astrosimian
Feb. 9th, 2013
Pride Rock News
Many of our faithful Punishers supporters may have heard rumours regarding Zazu, the Dark Elf renegade and his future with the squad.

Unfortunately, the rumours are true; Zazu, the one bright spot in our unfortunate loss against Northern Skyes, has retired from the team stating that he "didn't want to be associated with a worthless bunch of losers!"

Team management, while disappointed with his statement, wish him well in future endeavors!

In other news,we would like to announce our snack bar's latest offering: Dark Elf Kebabs! Delicious! Try some at our next match!
- Astrosimian
Feb. 5th, 2013
Pride Rock News
The Punishers management wish to announce that, after the team's less than stellar performance in the opening round that new players have been called up from the minors to help fill voids left in our roster. Fans are encouraged to come and meet the players at the club's next open day!*

We would also like to welcome apothecary Herr Doktor Schlippengore and his staff to the ranks!

The Punishers would like to reassure their supporters that the team is ready to go and eager for their match against the Graveyard Raiders! Don't miss our pre-game warm-up where two Norsemen shall be set afire! Fun for the whole family!

*Management shall not be held responsible for any injuries sustained from meeting the players.
- Astrosimian
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