Kharron's Chargers

Race:  Dark Elf
Coach:  Charger
Lord Kharron is the vilest pervert to have ever stalked the shadowy depths of Commorragh; the grisly details of his debaucheries the stuff of nightmares for populations throughout space and time. However, like all gluttons, eventually his voracious appetites led him to ennui after the endless tedium of the depravities of the Dark City.

So Lord Kharron took his closest bodyguards, the Chargers, to the webway to find fresh entertainment. They found the Old World. They found Blood Bowl.

Kharron's Chargers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach


Tournaments played:
MBBL Season 6, MBBL Season 7, MBBL Season 8, MBBL Season 9, MBBL Season 10, MBBL Season 11, MBBL Season 12
Trophies won:
MBBL Championship: MBBL Season 9
MBBL Runner Up: MBBL Season 10, MBBL Season 12
MBBL Top Scorer: MBBL Season 8, MBBL Season 9, MBBL Season 10, MBBL Season 12




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Season 16 Champions
Season 16 Silver Winners
Season 16 Bronze Winners
Season 15 Champions
Season 15 Silver Winners
Season 15 Bronze Winners
Season 14 Champions

Latest matches:
MOBB Season 14, MOBB
  0    Whitechapel Stree...
  1    Sunnydale Slayers
MOBB Season 14, MOBB
  2    R'lyeh Summoners
  1    Orcsburg Stompers
MOBB Season 14, MOBB
  1    Dawnstar Draugr
  1    Faceless Men
MOBB Season 14, MOBB
  2    R'lyeh Summoners
  4    Florentine Follies
MOBB Season 14, MOBB
  1    Dawnstar Draugr
  2    Matsudo Jietai
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