Tzlatlan Puddle Jumpers

Race:  Slann
Coach:  Astrosimian
The small temple city of Tzlatlan - built in the swampland between the mighty temple cities of Zlatlan and Tlatlan - has three main industries: mud, malaria and mosquitoes. While the first two are only good for keeping tourists away, the third helps fuel some of the highest-jumping, mightiest leapers ever seen: The Tzlatlan Puddle Jumpers.

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Bulletin board from the coach
Jan. 30th, 2020 - old news
The Scared Plaque
Snowland Icemen - Tzlatlan Puddle Jumpers (MBBL Season 21, Round 1)

The first match of a very tough Season 21 was played yesterday.

Our season opener was a devastating loss against the Snowland Icemen, being outplayed & pressured hard right from the start while suffering the loss of several players:

Jur'nii'mān and Xiztu both received their second major injuries, leading to the retirement of both players. Whilst both ‘One-Eyed’ Pŕayo and Aketzalli were killed during the match.

Two other players (Yeyi Xochitl & Chapol-in) were badly hurt during the match while linefrog Metztlixolin suffered a minor concussion in the opening minutes that kept him dazed in the medical tent until the start of the second half.

MVP catcher Huitzilin did what he could to keep the team in the match, scoring the first point and trying a pass to score the tying goal but in the end we could not penetrate the chaos defense.

A total of four players will be called up from minor league teams to help out in our next match while we rebuild.
- Astrosimian
Nov. 25th, 2019 - old news
The Sacred Plaque
Ghost Lusters - Tzlatlan Puddle Jumpers (MBBL Season 20, Round 7)

The last game of Season 20 was a loss to the Ghost Lusters despite the Puddle Jumpers’ best efforts.

The team managed to sack the ball carrier a total of five times - Yeyi Xochitl got one, while Chapol-in & Cuauhtemocli managed two sacks each - and a hired Temple Mage accounted for a further two balls knocked loose, but we were either unable to recover the ball or it bounced into opposition hands.

Still, coach Simian is pleased with the team’s progress: “The players are really starting to work together well and we are starting to develop the necessary skills to successfully attack the cage.

“Long term plans for the team include expanding our receiving lineup as well as strengthening the LOS and our defense.”

The second goal is working towards completion with the signing of Ll’Tiipot and the skill development of Jur'nii'mān.
- Astrosimian
Oct. 29th, 2019 - old news
The Sacred Plaque
Tzlatlan Puddle Jumpers - Corrupted Raiders (MBBL Season 20, Round 6)

Always the Bridesmaid.

Round six saw the team come away with yet another draw, this time against the Corrupted Raiders.

The Raiders had been developing a reputation as a hard-hitting team, so we invested heavily in expanding our medical corps which kept blitzers Chapol-in & Xiztu in the game. As well we rendered the services of an apprentice Temple-mage to help disrupt the Raiders’ offense.

The Raiders scored midway into the first half despite our best efforts to stop them but we were unable to equalise before halftime.

In the second half catcher Huitzilin scored and then both teams worked hard to prevent either from scoring the winning goal.

Our last game of the season is coming up against division leaders, the Ghost Lusters.
- Astrosimian
Oct. 13th, 2019 - old news
The Sacred Plaque
Tzlatlan Puddle Jumpers - Mad Hatters (MBBL Season 20, Round 5)

The Puddle Jumpers came away with a draw against the Mad Hatters.

The Hatters received first and slowly worked their way down the pitch to score in the dying seconds of the half, despite our best efforts to harass the ball carrier.

The Jumpers Chapol-in managed to equalise mid way through the second off a pass from Metztlixolin. Both teams then fought hard to try and score the winning goal but to no avail.

Casualties were light, with Jur'nii'mān suffering a broken ankle. Unfortunately this means that we still have to rely on minor league players to make up the bench.

Next match see the team face off against the Corrupted Raiders.
- Astrosimian
Tournaments played:
MOBB Season 17, MBBL Season 20
Playing in:
MBBL Season 21
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