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gate: 29 000
1 TD score 4
cas score
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Hexoatl Missionaries


profile Malorrak Cytosine
TD Scorers
Irepani the truculent
Khuno the tawdry
Khuno the tawdry
Tadeo the turgid
Foulers (no cas)
Sent off

mercenary / star
profile Syntazz Genesplice dead
Badly Hurt'ers
profile Chaplain of Wounding
Acolyte of Ruin
Inquisitor Nerkhal

Succentor of dolor

profile Malorrak Cytosine
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profile Malorrak Cytosine
MVP awards to
Chaplain of Harm
Sustained Injuries

victim healed by apoth
-1 ST
Result added June 15th, 2018

Match notes
Inducements for Astrosimian:
Bloodweiser Babe
Fink da Fixer
Nobbla Blackwart
Morg N Thorg

Inducements for Greyhound:
Bloodweiser Babe

Cards Drawn by Astrosimian:
Promo Tour (3d6 fans show up, +d3 winnings)
Round the Clock Training (can be used as a RR. Chance to use again)
Suicide Blitz (one player may blitz at kickoff but gains No Hands skill)

Cards Drawn by Greyhound:
Hidden Blade (one player gains Stab & Dirty Player skills)
Spiked Sports Drink (various effects)
Look! A Distraction (one player gains Disturbing Presence & causes nearby players to test for Bonehead)

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