Cam Embert

Cam Embertdead
Halfling Hopeful,
The Bloomin' Petunias


Interceptions: 0
Deflections: 0
Completions: 0
Touchdowns: 0
Casualties: 0
MVP awards: 0
Unspent SPP: 0 (0)
Fouls: 0





5 2 3+ 4+ 7+ Right Stuff, Stunty, Dodge 

Sustained Injuries:  DEATH!

Was killed in the match Fiftee Shadez of Green - Bloomin' Petunias (MBBL Season 12, Round 4).

Killed by Landing on Opposing Player (Ball Gag) - casualty assist to Ludwig van Birchtoven

Height: 3' 6"
Weight: 45 lb
Seasons Played: 12
Post-match Feasts Attended: 6 (1 posthumous)
Victory Feasts Attended: 2 (1 posthumous)
Non-loss Feasts Attended: 1
Career Fouls: 3
Safe Time Offererd by Referees: 1 for 100 minutes
Times Thrown: 2
Successful Landings: 1
Favourite Food: Spiced green beans

Cam used to run a little bakery back in the Moot. He had to change careers after bad press caused his shop to close: he was hired for a bachelor party to make a cake for a stripper to jump out of. No one told him the stripper goes into the cake AFTER it was baked.

Died after being thrown at - and colliding with - Orc ball carrier Ball Gag but, sadly, only KO'd his opponent in return. However, his valiant sacrifice allowed the Petunias to score the game winning TD.

Competition Participant:
MOBB Season 9

Season 22 Champions
Season 22 Silver Winners
Season 22 Bronze Winners
Season 20 Champions
Season 20 Silver Winners
Season 20 Bronze Winners
Season 19 Champions

Latest matches:
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