The Bloomin' Petunias

Race:  Halfling
Coach:  Astrosimian
Bodo Fraggins once stumbled upon a magical ring believed to be the source of power for He-Whose-Name-Cannot-Be-Pronounced.

Should He recover the ring, darkness would reign and all would be ruin.

Bodo did what no one else had the strength of will to do: he returned the ring to its rightful owner and was showered with riches beyond belief.

Drunk with power, Bodo then decided to pursue his lifelong dream of owning a Blood Bowl team and leading it victory following this brilliant plan:

Step 1: Recruit team.
Step 2: ????
Step 3: Profit!

The Bloomin' Petunias team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Mar. 28th, 2017 - old news
Team Accolades
The Petunias just returned from participating in the 2517 ASC Open.

At first, the players were apprehensive about playing but upon learning that the Open - being a major tournament - had access to a larger pool of medical services their fears were set aside and they looked forward to the games. (not to mention the lavish post-match feasts)

Whilst the team only placed 6th in the competition they did receive the Most Impressive Team Uniform award.

'Cuz every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed 'fling.
- Astrosimian
Dec. 8th, 2016 - old news
Wilted Blooms
It seemed that our chef's secret concoction to help distract our opponents - Bloomin' Petunias - Khememes (MBBL Season 14, round 7) - had the opposite effect: the Khemri were driven with purpose and fire whilst our valiant lads were just driven off of the pitch!
- Astrosimian
Nov. 27th, 2016 - old news
Final Match
After last week's u fortunate forfeit - Bloomin' Petunias - Irondrakes (MBBL Season 14, round 6) - due to "scheduling difficulties" (honestly, dwarven stadiums should not be allowed to be built beside breweries), The Bloomin' Petunias face off against the Khememes and, hopefully, end a lacklustre season on a positive note.

Coaching staff is sceptical about our catering department's abilities to distract our undead opposition but Head Chef Escoffier Ramsay is certain that his secret concoction of scarabs and linen wrappings steeped in embalming fluid will do the trick.

Management would like to thank our loyal fans for sticking with us through thick and thin and the players would like to give thanks for the 4,766 chickens, 652 pigs, 35 sheep, 19 cattle, 6 great eagles, 5 dolphins, the last jabberwocky*, as well as the 11,003 eggs, 900 pounds of butter and 5,499.2 pints of beer provided for post-match feasts!

*we state for the record that the last of the now-extinct jabberwocky died of natural causes.
- Astrosimian
Oct. 17th, 2016 - old news
Another Loss
The team lost against the Unnatural Disasters (Bloomin' Petunias - Unnatural Disasters (MBBL Season 14, round 5)). However, Coach Simian was still impressed with his boys. They fought well, despite being severely down on players (6 were missing the match due to injuries), holding the Chaos Dwarves to just one TD and hurting the fuzzy-faced menaces almost as much as they injured us.
- Astrosimian
Tournaments played:
MOBB Season 9, MBBL Season 12, MBBL Season 14
Trophies won:
MBBL Most Fragile: MBBL Season 14


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