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gate: 25 000
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The Black Smoke Popes


profile Tzaraath Leprae retired
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Boniface VIII
Urban VI dead
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Sent off

profile Carcinoma Angels dead
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Sergius III
profile Alexander VI
Leo X
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fans / random event

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John XII
John XII

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Sergius III
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victim regenerated
Result added September 19th, 2017

Match notes
Inducements for Astrosimian:
Kreek Rustgouger (I swear I'll learn how to use ball and chain players)
Mage (NEVER again)
Bloodweiser Babe (didn't do much)
Goblin Fixer (same as babe)

(In hindsight, an extra Apothecary would have been better)

Cards drawn by Astrosimian:
Golden Boy (+2 FAME as long as one player is on pitch - my troll)
Spectacular Catch (one player gains catch and diving catch)

Cards Drawn by Dazed:
Suicide Blitz (one player may Blitz)
Punt (can place the ball anywhere, but always inaccurate)

Dazed and I threw down tonight in a VERY bloody game.

Turn 0 I receive, Matt's stand firm TG uses Suicide Blitz card against claw guy, only pushes him back.

Turn 1-3 claw Blitzer counter-blitzes and injures SF TG (-AV). Kreek knocks down 2 skeletons (and one of my guys) and MNGs a Blitz-Ra. Kreek unfortunately left too forward. Slight push up right side with new linerat leading and team screening the undead. Cryptos secures ball. I tried to move a goblin up to help cover Kreek but failed the dodge.
Frenzy TG blitzes Kreek, hurts him. Undead team repositions after only being able to,push my players around. UW push up right, Cryptos throw to linerat who runs downfield screened by team. After being knocked on his ass, a TG attempts to foul my thrower but is sent off despite a bribe and arguing. UW surf other frenzy thrower, crowd kills him but he regens.

4-5 khemri pressure ball carrier, claw guy is BH but I use apothecary.
I Blitz and then foul a tomb guardian, KOing hiim. I score. 1-0

6-8 khemri skeleton catches short kick off tries to push up the left with a cage. My Mage misses completely but I able to stall Matt, knocking out another TG in process. Unable to score, Matt tries to foul my good thrower but no effect.

9-13 The kick is fairly deep but I push too many pieces forward, trying to pressure throw-ra and screen the rest of Khemri off. Matt makes a small cage, Mage's fireball fails to hit cage, Badly Hurts a goblin instead.
I mark the cage with troll and goblins, Blitz a two head goblin who unfortunately is dropped by the throw-ra and hurt.
Matt finally starts rolling POWs on my goblins, hurting one and stunning another.
Matt is able to push downfield and I only have 3 players active (of six on the field) and cannot stop him, my claw Blitzer hurts a skeleton and is promptly killed in retaliation (because I'm a greedy dumabss). Matt scores. 1-1

14-16 with both teams low on players due to injuries and KOs, i punch a hole in the line and rush most of my players downfield but I can't cover completely, Matt is able to mark my thrower (who is deep in my half) with his fast Throw-Ra and cover my receivers, knocking one out with a Blitz.
I try to Blitz a receiver free, have to dodge a (2 headed) goblin for the assist. He promptly rolls snake eyes and injures himself.
Matt punches my team, stunning most and killing another goblin. He then does a 2d uphill Blitz on my ball carrier. Gets double POWs, then scoops up the ball and stalls. All I can do is punch a Tomb Guardian with myntroll and foul him with my remaining goblin. I manage to kill him but he regens (again!). Matt runs in the winning goal. 1-2
I try a 1TTD, throw is good, but the goblin manages to impale himself into the ground.

First half, I rarely had to use a RR, second half they were gone in the first three turns; Matt was exact opposite, burned through them quick, had 2 left over at full time. It was also nice not facing so much ST, Mighty Blow and Guard as Matt for most of the game only had 2 TG and a Blitz-Ra.

Thanks for the very fun game, Matt!

if anyone sees me using an apothecary on a f#%*ing Badly Hurt result, please slap me.

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