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gate: 29 000
2 TD score 3
cas score
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Ellyrion Eagles


profile 'Skinner' Slice-Slice
profile Ebotar Enzime retired
TD Scorers
Yranderos Yellowflower retired
Sidrun Silvercrest
Kinthir Keenflight
Foulers (no cas)
Sent off
Badly Hurt'ers
"Born Ready" Styvins'n

profile Carcinoma Angels dead

profile Cryptos Phrontistes dead
Completions by
Lionel Lionheart
Jonik "Clipboard"
Jonik "Clipboard"
Jonik "Clipboard"
Jonik "Clipboard"
TTM Completions by
Interceptions by
Deflections by

profile H.R. Geigercounter dead
MVP awards to
Derivan Dragonclaw retired
Sustained Injuries
Sivurn Silyur dead
Result added May 31st, 2017

Match notes
Inducements for Astrosimian:
Glart Smashrip Jr.
Bloodweiser Babe
Extra 50k Card (Pit Trap)

Cards Drawn by Astro:
Standing Offense (No pass or blitz but gain Mighty Blow)
Off-Colour Chant (Opposing team may lose RR)

Cards Drawn by Fortis:
Up Like a Shot (One player stands up for free)
Suicide Blitz (One player can blitz on kickoff but has No Hands skill)

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