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gate: 20 000
2 TD score 1
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Skye Rawr!


profile Cryptos Phrontistes dead
profile Tzaraath Leprae retired
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Magyar Skulltaker
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Badly Hurt'ers
Fraarg Elfbreaker
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fans / random event
profile Headbutt
Yurk Waaghmaker!


profile Cryptos Phrontistes dead
profile 'Skinner' Slice-Slice
profile 'Skinner' Slice-Slice
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profile Jimson 'Weedy' Mesca
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profile Ebotar Enzime retired
-1 MA
Result added October 17th, 2017

Match notes
Hallucinogenetics v Skye Rawr.

Inducements for Astrosimian:
Glart Smashrip
Glart Smashrip jr.

Cards drawn by Astrosimian:
Mighty Leap (one player may leap once at +1)
Round the Clock Training (card can be used as a RR, chance to use card again)

Cards drawn by JoeKano:
Luthorís Beguiling Bracers (one player gains bonehead, hypno gaze and sidestep) - turned Joeís Ag boosted Lino into an annoying bugger
Foulest of Fouls (one foul auto breaks armour) - constantly forgot to be used

Hallucinogenetics received first.

Turn 1-2 Ag boosted orc lino gets Luthorís Beguiling Bracers, turning him into a sidestepping, hypno gazing, bonehead which Joe uses to good effect the whole game.

Covered kick, then started blocking on line. First three hits knock down orcs, including one lino BH (first and only CAS for the Underworld). Team starts to to push up right side with skaven blitzer out as potential receiver. A goblin makes boot waffles on a black orcís face, knocking him out. Orcs reposition and tie up my players but overextended and we switched sides to the left.

Turn 3-5 Orcs recover ground and do a -2d blitz on my ball carrier but canít knock the ball loose. Underworld push up left, blocking off orc reinforcements. Orcs are forced to dodge and GFI to cover ball carrier. He blitzes himself free and scores earlier than wanted. 1-0 Underworld.

Turn 6-8 Orcs get the ball and start pushing downfield. Orc blocks that were either pushes or just stuns now start resulting in KOs and injuries. Joe gang fouls my wrackle linerat, breaking his leg.

Orcs make a cage in my half which Cryptos then does a Mighty Leap into and blitzes the ball carrier. Knocking him down and scattering the ball.

During the resulting scrum, Cryptos is almost surfed but double skulls saves his ass.

Orcs arenít able to recover the ball and I manage to scoop it up and try to toss it to a goblin waiting down in the orcís side of the pitch to score again but Cryptos fumbles it.

Joe surfs my other thrower, Skinner Slice-Slice, hurts a goblin then goes for the ball. He gets it, makes the pass but fails the catch.

Turn 9-10 Kicking to the orcs, a Perfect Defense brings more players into contact (which I shouldnít have done) to help out the LOS. During the melee, Cryptos is BH but a hired wandering apothecary patches him up. (I learned from last game, I wouldnít have done it if I only had a single apo)

I push a few players up the flanks to harass the orc thrower, but last goblin to move trips and hurts himself.

Turn 11-13 Orcs break through the middle and cover my players, dropping several of them and then fouling Glart jr, knocking him out, but the goblin is sent off. I have to do dodge-double-GFI blitz with an Ag2, Loner Glart snr (?!?!!). It works but I only get pushes. Another goblin hurts himself by dodging trying to support Glart.

The orcs hurt more goblins then push Fatso free and score. 1-1

Turn 14-16 Out of goblins and with only 7 players, any hope of 1TTD is out so Iíll have to elf my way to the win. I set up to punch a hole on my right and send as many possible receivers downfield. Nuffle giggles maniacally as he sends the ball short on my middle-left and gives the greenies a Blitz.

The ball stays in play, covered by almost THE ENTIRE FREAKINí ORC TEAM! I move players in best I can to stall the orcs. The ball is picked up and two orcs move downfield to potentially be scoring threats. I can cover only one but the farthest has Cryptos ready to intercept.

Trying to block the intercept, Joe blitzes Cryptos, gets skulls, rerolled to skull/both down. The orc ball carrier then moves down and hoping to deny the 15% intercept chance - whilst hearing the faint laughter of Nuffle in his ears - GFIs, fails and drops the ball. Skinner Slice-Slice dodges free, scoops up the ball, throws to my remaining linerat who runs downfield.

Orcs vent their frustration slapping rats while the I run in the winning TD. 2-1 to the mutants.

Very fun, frustrating game. If Iím being forced to use this team as elves Iíd better get some more Ag boosts.

Try to remember your cards, Joe. :)

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