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profile Hashish S. Thompson retired
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profile Ebotar Enzime retired
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profile Cryptos Phrontistes dead
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Yeqrax Magnus
Yeqrax Magnus
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Result added April 28th, 2017

Match notes
***Goblin: The MNG was a failed dodge by your ghoul. I marked it. -Astrosimian.***

Cards drawn by Astro:
Star Ascendant (extra MVP, nominated my troll)
Suicide Blitz (one player gets a blitz on kickoff)

Cards drawn by Goblin:
Go the Extra Mile (extra GFIs)
In the Zone (dodge like a stunty)

Goblin bought a Bloodweiser Babe with inducements.
(she was busy)

2 games in a row that I now owe to Nuffle! Foul hurts a flesh golem, doesn't regen. Ghoul injures himself dodging. One linerat does his best impression of a gutter runner and scores 2 TDs, whilst the other acts like he's starring in The Walking Dead and takes out multiple zombies. By turn 13, the necros could only field 7 players as injuries and KOs took their toll.

Goblin's dice loved the ones and the skulls, too.

Everytime the necros got the ball the underworld managed a BS play to take it off them.

When the payback train comes for me, it's going to come full speed.

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